3 Tech Tasks Small Businesses Should Outsource

Thinking about IT outsourcing? Houston businesses often ask which tasks would be best to allocate externally. Notonsite outlines three services to outsource.

When it comes to IT outsourcing, Houston business owners are always asking, “How do I determine which tasks to send out of house?” Here are three tasks that can be effectively and efficiently completed by an external resource.

1. Projects Outside A Business’ Scope of Expertise

If a business doesn’t focus in a certain area and it doesn’t have the resources to pursue this area (or it just doesn’t plan on going in that direction), it’s time to delegate. There are companies out there that do specialize in this field; so let them do what they do best. A point person should be assigned in-house to ensure quality control and to effectively communicate expectations, representing the needs of the business.

2. Cloud Services

What is the cloud? Many businesses know the benefits of the cloud and cloud services, but actually migrating or maintaining – this is best left to professional IT teams. With these services, businesses can rest assured that their data will be transferred efficiently. What’s more, it’s always good to know that your cloud hosting is being maintained, and most tech companies offer a certain level of assistance, some more involved and comprehensive than others. Outsourcing can save a business from having to invest in substantial hardware, software, and routine upgrades.

3. Cyber Security & Backup

Convenience isn’t the only aspect of going cyber. Security is an important task in and of itself, especially for companies in the medical field or other areas that deal in sensitive information. A comprehensive IT service will include monitor services, anti-virus and spam protection, necessary patches, back-up services, and more to ensure that a company can enjoy access to its information from anywhere while knowing that all the information is also secure. The resources needed to actively maintain and monitor multiple platforms are often well outside a small business’ budget, which is why outsourcing can be an extremely lucrative option.

Small businesses often need to assess what is and what isn’t possible in-house. Whether it’s due to limited time, funding, or resources, some tasks may need to be allocated externally. However, it’s important that the outside provider is a proper fit with a business’ needs and expectations. When it comes to IT outsourcing, Texas businesses, small or large, turn to Notonsite.


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