Clearing Up The Cloud For Small Businesses

For many, deciphering the value and function of the Cloud can seem complicated. Small businesses need not be hesitant. Let Notonsite explain the benefits of investing in Cloud Computing.

While the Cloud may seem lofty or complex, many of us use it in our daily lives without being aware. This applies in cases of online shopping, banking, social networking, and file sharing. When you reflect on these online activities and how easy they have become, it’s important to realize that some of that credit is due to the Cloud. So, how can your small business benefit from Cloud Computing?


Have you ever been away from the office but wished you could update some important information without going in? This is where the Cloud comes in. Rather than storing all of your important information on a single device, the Cloud allows you to access all of your information wherever there is an Internet connection. If you’re on the go, this could be from your very own mobile phone. You can get your work done where you want and when you want, saving time and frustration for all small businesses.


For most small businesses, sticking to your bottom line is of the utmost importance. The Cloud helps you cut costs since expensive on-site software will no longer be necessary. Forget servers or additional IT costs; everything is stored and managed through an IT consultant. Houston and Austin-based Notonsite provide this service to customers in order to save them money and increase their efficiency.


There’s no hiding the fact that many people buzz around the discussion of Internet safety. With all of the headlines, information can be misleading or incorrect. Investing in the Cloud can protect your information in a way on site IT services cannot. What happens when you spill coffee on your laptop? The information is often lost. Even more, viruses can attack your files. With the Cloud, your information isn’t vulnerable to any of these external threats.

At Notonsite, we work to get small businesses the solutions they need with the direct help of an IT consultant. Texas businesses interested in investing in the Cloud can contact us today to learn more about the benefits in store.

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