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We have the same recurring technology issues that continue to cost us money with no permanent solution.

Notonsite’s proactive approach to IT Management will not only fix the issue correctly, we focus on finding ways to minimize issues before they even happen. It takes a company like Notonsite with proven processes, best practices and the people in places to make these things happen. Talk to us about how our Managed Services will save you time and money by minimizing issues, increasing productivity and helping you to make better IT decisions. Get IT Peace of Mind!

Our current IT provider has become unresponsive. We don’t seem to be a priority for them. We desire a provider who values our relationship.

We are a relationship driven company. We have built a reputation around service, response and taking great care of our clients. Come find out what it feels like to have an IT provider who is always willing to go the extra mile for you and treats you like you are their #1 priority always!

We know we need to change providers but are unsure how to make a move and fear a disruption of business.

Short answer: There is nothing to fear! We do this all the time and it is a very easy process that is seamless and does not create any downtime or loss of productivity! We realize that it is easy to fear the worst in this scenario, but the reality is there is nothing to fear. When you have the experience, the right process and the right people, switching should be so easy you do not even notice when it happens. That is until you start noticing all the great positive changes, better service, etc.!

We need an IT partner that can help us leverage new technology and strategies that are right for our business rather than the one-size-fits-all plans we’ve been offered.

This is the NotOnsite way! I have met with so many companies that have told us they just wish their previous provider would meet with them, spend time with them and help them find ways to utilize technology to help them grow their business and be competitive. This is one of our Core Values and something we actually enjoy and love doing for our clients. Our vCIO process is built around helping you plan, budget, strategize and guide your company from a technology perspective.

We are concerned about our data security and stability. We need guidance to prevent a modern business disaster.

This is where our proactive approach, Net Admin and vCIO processes and tools go to work! We meet monthly and quarterly and utilize industry leading best practices and standards along with tools to secure your data, protect your network and ensure you are protected from all the threats out there. While we put the necessary protection in place to prevent the disaster, we also help you find ways to be proactive and work smarter and put technology to use for your business.

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