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  • Has Your IT Provider Been Naughty or Nice This Year?

    With Christmas around the corner, take the time to ask yourself how your IT provider did this year and the impact they had on your business.

    Hopefully your provider deserves what they want for Christmas, but unfortunately some will deserve a lump of coal. Here are a few questions to ask: 

    1. Does your IT company value continuing education for their technicians?
      A good technology company will ensure that technicians are trained on the latest and greatest software, hardware and applications to keep your business running smoothly. Technology is constantly evolving and so should your provider’s skillset and knowledge.

    2. Where is their help desk located (domestically or internationally) and do they answer phones live?
      Speaking to a live person is important when needing urgent assistance or to speak with an IT Consultant. In a world where technology is replacing human interaction, we at Notonsite value the interpersonal relationship between our clients and team members.

    3. Do you have more than one point of contact? 
      Having a reputable IT company means you can contact them at any timeno matter who is on vacation or taking a sick day – your issue can get immediate attention. Notonsite provides clients with an Account Manager as well as access to a full staff of technicians and other support members.

    4. Are expectations set and maintained?
      Issues with your infrastructure will undoubtedly arise and should be met with a sense of urgency. It is imperative that your agreement with your service provider sets and meets the expectation.

    5. In the event of a natural disaster at their location, does your IT provider have domestic redundancy?
      Uptime is a direct measurable when thinking about how your IT provider is performing. Your infrastructure should not suffer when a peril strikes and your IT provider should have measures in place to maintain continuity.

    Once you have answered these questions, you should be able to determine if your provider should be considered naughty or nice. Feel free to reach out to Notonsite for assistance if your provider is on the naughty list this year.  

  • IT Disaster Prevention – Why It’s Better to Have an IT Company Before the Storm

    For companies that rely on computers, it’s important to have a data failsafe in place. In case of a storm, you don’t want to risk losing information.

    It’s always necessary to have a backup plan, and if you’re a company that relies heavily on its computers to keep day-to-day operations in order, you better have a good one. That’s why having an IT company manage your information backups in the event of a storm or power outage is essential. With a team of IT professionals on your side, you can focus on more important issues and not have to worry about data loss.

    In a cities with as many tech-savvy businesses like Houston and Austin, IT support can be critical. While natural disasters such as storms or hurricanes can’t be prevented, you can prevent data loss. That’s where having your IT systems protected and prepared becomes important.

    Your data must always be backed up to protect against disaster. An IT specialist can set your network up to automatically sync information either to a separate location or to a cloud. For businesses in Texas, IT support companies can provide a secure, off-site data center where you can store your information.

    Though backing up seems like a simple concept, there are also many factors to consider. For example, how much storage space will you need? Will your system back up files while they’re open? It’s also important to consider the cost of your backup system, which can run anywhere from as low as $50 a year upwards. For companies in Texas, IT support professionals can help decide what back up plan would be best for your company.

    Additionally, it’s never overkill to have physical back up hard drives in the office. These can be purchased in bulk for a larger company or on an individual basis. You’ll need to evaluate how much data needs to be backed up, and how computers can be wired to automatically back up to these physical hard drives. This process, too, can be made easier with the help of an IT professional.

  • Clearing Up The Cloud For Small Businesses

    For many, deciphering the value and function of the Cloud can seem complicated. Small businesses need not be hesitant. Let Notonsite explain the benefits of investing in Cloud Computing.

    While the Cloud may seem lofty or complex, many of us use it in our daily lives without being aware. This applies in cases of online shopping, banking, social networking, and file sharing. When you reflect on these online activities and how easy they have become, it’s important to realize that some of that credit is due to the Cloud. So, how can your small business benefit from Cloud Computing?


    Have you ever been away from the office but wished you could update some important information without going in? This is where the Cloud comes in. Rather than storing all of your important information on a single device, the Cloud allows you to access all of your information wherever there is an Internet connection. If you’re on the go, this could be from your very own mobile phone. You can get your work done where you want and when you want, saving time and frustration for all small businesses.


    For most small businesses, sticking to your bottom line is of the utmost importance. The Cloud helps you cut costs since expensive on-site software will no longer be necessary. Forget servers or additional IT costs; everything is stored and managed through an IT consultant. Houston and Austin-based Notonsite provide this service to customers in order to save them money and increase their efficiency.


    There’s no hiding the fact that many people buzz around the discussion of Internet safety. With all of the headlines, information can be misleading or incorrect. Investing in the Cloud can protect your information in a way on site IT services cannot. What happens when you spill coffee on your laptop? The information is often lost. Even more, viruses can attack your files. With the Cloud, your information isn’t vulnerable to any of these external threats.

    At Notonsite, we work to get small businesses the solutions they need with the direct help of an IT consultant. Texas businesses interested in investing in the Cloud can contact us today to learn more about the benefits in store.

  • 3 Tech Tasks Small Businesses Should Outsource

    Thinking about IT outsourcing? Houston businesses often ask which tasks would be best to allocate externally. Notonsite outlines three services to outsource.

    When it comes to IT outsourcing, Houston business owners are always asking, “How do I determine which tasks to send out of house?” Here are three tasks that can be effectively and efficiently completed by an external resource.

    1. Projects Outside A Business’ Scope of Expertise

    If a business doesn’t focus in a certain area and it doesn’t have the resources to pursue this area (or it just doesn’t plan on going in that direction), it’s time to delegate. There are companies out there that do specialize in this field; so let them do what they do best. A point person should be assigned in-house to ensure quality control and to effectively communicate expectations, representing the needs of the business.

    2. Cloud Services

    What is the cloud? Many businesses know the benefits of the cloud and cloud services, but actually migrating or maintaining – this is best left to professional IT teams. With these services, businesses can rest assured that their data will be transferred efficiently. What’s more, it’s always good to know that your cloud hosting is being maintained, and most tech companies offer a certain level of assistance, some more involved and comprehensive than others. Outsourcing can save a business from having to invest in substantial hardware, software, and routine upgrades.

    3. Cyber Security & Backup

    Convenience isn’t the only aspect of going cyber. Security is an important task in and of itself, especially for companies in the medical field or other areas that deal in sensitive information. A comprehensive IT service will include monitor services, anti-virus and spam protection, necessary patches, back-up services, and more to ensure that a company can enjoy access to its information from anywhere while knowing that all the information is also secure. The resources needed to actively maintain and monitor multiple platforms are often well outside a small business’ budget, which is why outsourcing can be an extremely lucrative option.

    Small businesses often need to assess what is and what isn’t possible in-house. Whether it’s due to limited time, funding, or resources, some tasks may need to be allocated externally. However, it’s important that the outside provider is a proper fit with a business’ needs and expectations. When it comes to IT outsourcing, Texas businesses, small or large, turn to Notonsite.


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